Paleo Pancakes: with pictures

My friend Brooke is a clean eater. She doesn’t eat processed foods, sticks to fruits for snacks, and enjoys at least one salad a day. She also runs a lot. She’s just way better than I am when it comes to food!!

The other day, she sent me a picture of her breakfast. “Paleo pancakes!” she said in the text.

I asked what was in them. When she told me that bananas were there, I thought to myself, “Ummm no. Nope. No thanks.” I don’t like banana-flavored anything. I DO like bananas, plain. But that’s it. So I told her, “I don’t like banana-flavored anything.”

She claimed these didn’t really taste like banana. “They are soooo good!”

I figured, you know, they fit into baby-led weaning. So I’ll make a batch and give them to the baby!

I made one batch. And then I tried one. One little pinch.

HOLY MOLY. So good!! They taste almost just like regular pancakes! I could NOT believe it. I’m serious. Ask anyone who knows me: I’m picky. And these are just fantastic. Please please give them a try!

Ingredients (for about 6 small pancakes):

2 eggs
1 banana
a few sprinkles of cinnamon

2 eggs and 1 banana in Magic Bullet

2 eggs and 1 banana in Magic Bullet


1. Blend the ingredients. I used my Magic Bullet.

Eggs and banana blended

Eggs and banana blended

Add cinnamon

Add cinnamon


2. Heat a griddle or skillet to about medium. I put a little butter on there, but you don’t really HAVE to.

Ignore the messy stove... I have a baby. "Cleaning the stove" is near the bottom of my to-do list.

Ignore the messy stove… I have a baby. “Cleaning the stove” is near the bottom of my to-do list.

3. Pour some of the mixture until you get a decent-sized pancake.

Paleo pancakes

4. Now, with regular pancakes, you look for tiny bubbles to show up, and that’s how you know when to flip it. These have tiny bubbles from the start. So you just check 2-3 minutes later to see if the bottom has gotten brown.

Paleo pancakes

Hey, don’t judge. I’m not good with a spatula.

5. Flip ‘em! Then repeat with the rest of the mixture.

Oops... they taste a lot better than this looks!

Oops… they taste a lot better than this looks!

6. Serve with honey (or maple syrup if you really want).

Paleo pancakes



NOTE: Notice how a few of mine were basically burnt? They were still really yummy. I ate all of them.

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  • Pamela M.

    Hi Bethany! I saw you followed me on Instagram, so I went to check out your pages too! I’m loving your blog! Thanks so much for sharing these yummy lookin’ pancakes! What a healthier alternative too! I will have to try them!
    Looking forward to reading more and getting to know you! :) I followed you on pinterest and twitter and bloglovin’ as well! Love finding fellow mommy bloggers ;)


    • bethany

      Thanks so much, Pamela! I’ve followed you back on Bloglovin’. Look forward to hearing more from you :)

      You should definitely try these pancakes. Seriously delicious!

  • Rachael DeBruin

    Looks super easy to make & deelish :) Found you on a link up today…new follower on Pinterest.
    Rachael @ Diamonds in the Rough (

    • bethany

      It’s great for babies (if you do baby-led weaning). My little guy really enjoyed them!

      • bethany

        Of course, he did NOT have the honey as a topping!

  • Allison Wear

    ah! so bananas are the secret! i was wondering from the instagram! ;)

    • bethany

      Except they don’t TASTE like bananas. I’m not a fan of banana as a flavor, just as a fruit. So they somehow sneak in an entire banana. I guess it’s the cinnamon? Anyway, WORTH A TRY!!