The Artist Guild: Yet Another To-Do List. Join Me?

Samantha over at Elah Tree (I love her blog, by the way… it is very pretty, one of my favorites) issued a CHALLENGE!


Basically, make some art. It’s a challenge she posed to herself but invited others to join her. As some of you know, I have LITTLE artistic talent. I’m creative in other ways, but when it comes to writing poetry or music or painting or whatever, I’m very mediocre.

But why not?

Why not join in?

Here is the timeline that Samantha posted at THIS LINK (I’ve abbreviated it below):

February 13th  : Write a poem 
March 13th  : Paint a canvas 
April 10th  : Attempt a new creative hair style
May 8th : Adventure around your town on bike
June 12th : Spend an afternoon life drawing 
July 10th  : Paint one water color painting in photoshop  
August 14th  : Share one non-related blog photo shoot
September 11th : Vblog

If you click on the link above, she explains what each one actually entails. As I complete my parts of it, I’ll link up with her and also share them here! Hopefully I’ll knock them all out. :)

Anyone else want to join? Hop over to Elah Tree and let Samantha know!

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  • Samantha@Elah Tree

    Thank you so much for sharing! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see your creative awesomeness!

    • bethany

      We have about a week to write a poem, right? I’m already starting to think about it. I really am going to try making it AWESOME and not just… “a poem”. You know? And we link back up at your page? Or JUST share them on our own page?

      • Samantha@Elah Tree

        Yep, the post poem post will be on Thursday! I’m so excited! Share it on your page and link-up too. :)