What It Was Like Flying Alone With A Toddler



I have “only” one baby. I know there are mamas out there with twins who have flown alone. I know there are mamas out there with a baby and a toddler who’ve flown alone. But this is my experience! And I know this sort of post was extremely helpful for me before I flew this time with Alexander.

At the time of this flight, Alexander was 14.5 months old. I always find it silly to say “14.5″ instead of just “14″, but it does make it more relatable. So it stays!

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The Last Day of My 20s

Tomorrow I turn 30 years old. So today is the last day of my 20s. I’m going to get CRAAAAZY. You just wait and see. So much crazy is going to happen today.

I’m going to the library to return some baby board books.

I’m going to the Metro to pick up my brother.

I’m going to Cameron’s office since it’s his last day there.

I’m probably going to pack some more.

I made TWO PIES from scratch. 

Told you.

Anyway, I wanted to share my 10 biggest moments from the last 10 years. [DISCLAIMER: These are just the 10 that I can remember. There are probably other "big moments" that I'm forgetting.]

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Packing With Alexander Around

You’ve probably seen that meme that says something like this: Trying to clean when you have a toddler is like trying to brush your teeth while eating an Oreo. 

There’s another one that says “Trying to clean when you have a toddler is like trying to rake leaves during a windstorm.”

I like the second one better. That Oreo one puts a horrifying image in my head, and I have a terribly weak stomach.

“Trying to pack boxes when you have a toddler is like trying to load the dishwasher while people are still eating dinner.” Eh? Well… that doesn’t quite work. But you get the idea.

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Taking a Break

Takinga Break

Hi guys!

I just want to let you know that, with all that’s going on, I am going to take a break from this blog. That doesn’t mean I won’t post at all for a while. It just means that I won’t post as regularly. I’ll post something as the need arises. If I have something to share, I will most definitely share it! And I love this little blog. 

I did start a new blog (blwideas.com), and even though it’s less than 2 months old, it already has more traffic than this one! And I’ve been HERE for over a year and a half! Haha. So I want to devote a little more time over there. 

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An Announcement

This has been a long time coming. But our little family is leaving Washington DC.

For my whole life, I haven’t lived in one town for more than about 5 years besides when I was a baby. So since I have lived in DC for about 5 years, it just feels like it’s time to move on. Will we stay in the next place for more than 5 years? Only time will tell!

Here are the details:

  • Cameron is going to work at a big church right outside of Atlanta Georgia.
  • I’ll still be a stay-at-home mom.
  • We’re heading down in about a week and a half!
  • We found an apartment there, for a short-term lease. The address is 3255 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA.*
  • We will look for a house once we are there.
  • We have to buy our first car! I haven’t had a car since 2006.

*I’m kidding. I would not give out my address on the internet! That’s the address for a Texaco station…

I will be flying with Alexander, and Cameron will be driving a UHaul truck with my brother (Wesley) as passenger. They’ll unpack everything while Alexander and I explore Atlanta for a few days.

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