A Totally Personal Post. There Aren’t Even Pictures!

I don’t usually do posts like this. I write a little more “for the people” instead of for myself.

But as I sit here tonight, I am frustrated. I’m frustrated with this blog, with blogging in general.

I know it’s not really “okay” to talk about this sort of thing, but let me be real. I spend a lot of time writing posts and researching and making graphics and coming up with ideas for this blog. And by that, I mean, I spend at least 10 hours a week. Some weeks, it is way more than that.

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The Mommy Wars (What Really Matters)

mommy wars.jpg

You’ve probably heard the term “mommy wars”. If you haven’t, it’s pretty self-explanatory, but let me break it down for you:

Moms sometimes attack other moms for making different parenting decisions. It seems to be an ongoing “battle” with a lot of folks. We constantly feel the need to defend our choices.

It’s the reason pregnant women and moms tend to get a lot of unsolicited advice. People have done something that worked for them, and they want to share that advice in order to feel validated.

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Train Your Brain! A Fun App You Should Totally Try

icon_340Have you heard of Elevate? It’s a free app (with the option to buy the PRO version), and it’s brain training games that you play every day.

photo 4

Here’s how it works:

Each day, you open the app. (I have mine set up with a reminder so I don’t forget to play!) There are only 3 games you can play each day, with the free version. But you can play them as many times as you want in that day. And they are slightly different each time. For example, there’s a game that increases your reading speed. If you play it several times in a day, you won’t read the same thing over and over.

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Hello New Followers! Get To Know Me!

Erin, from Two Thirds Hazel, made up this quiz for us bloggers to share. You still have time to link up if you want! Anyway, she has a link to the downloadable PDF file so you can download, edit, and upload one of these babies too. I’ve got some new followers here, so I wanted to share a bit about myself!

The Blogmopolitan Quiz 2



Now, a few questions for YOU! Leave in the comments!

1. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

2. If you could LIVE anywhere, where would it be?

3. What’s your spirit animal? Just kidding… what’s your favorite type of pet?

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What We Ate This Week #2

As always, if you want to know how any of this was made, please leave me a comment! Most of the recipes can be found at this Pinterest page (for my BLW Instagram page).

Monday July 21

july 23.jpg(B)reakfast: Mini quiches, raw red bell pepper, blueberries
(L)unch: Fruit and veggie ice pop, steamed carrots and broccoli, Cheerios
(D)inner: Bacon, hamburger (meat plus bun), sweet potato fries

Tuesday July 22

july 22.jpg(B): Apricot, apple, mini quiches, Paleo pancake with peanut butter
(L): I forgot to take a picture!….
(D): Eggplant stick, Shepherd’s Pie, fruit and veggie ice pop

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